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Soldier Hero Thief

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Soldier Hero Thief

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"I came home from Iraq with PTSD, a medal for valor, and a pocketful of priceless jewels. How can I ever explain that?"

It’s seven years later and Marnie Wilson is still struggling to fit the pieces of her life back together. Haunted by her choices in Iraq and plagued by wartime trauma, Marnie learns she’s being hunted.

The secrets she holds are dangerous. To protect others from harm, Marnie stays to herself, refuses friends and lovers, and keeps the VA counselors at arm’s length. If not for her trauma group and an affable therapy dog named Buck, there’d be no one at all.

All hopes of living with the guilt and remaining hidden evaporate when Marnie witnesses a van that follows her home. Marnie knows why her past is back but not the identity of her tormentors or why now, seven years after her return from Iraq. Only her team leader shared her secret, and he’s gone forever from a deadly convoy ambush.

With no one to trust she turns to the kindness of strangers. Her pursuers become more determined as the conspiracy surrounding her grows. The FBI is looking for her too.

Tenacious but tormented, her last chance may require the warrior strength she gathered in Iraq to save fellow soldiers. To rescue herself Marnie must buck-up, face her demons, and find the truth.

What they are saying about Soldier Hero Thief:

From Romuald Dzemo for Readers' Favorite:  5 Stars

"I love stories with different layers and complex characters. NS Austin’s narrative is realistic, allowing readers to understand the psychological impact of the experience of war.  Marnie Wilson is a complex character — humanly and genuinely flawed — and her reaction to her past military experience comes across as normal and natural. The narrative is expertly done, with writing that is crisp and that brings into the minds of readers powerful images of the setting and the experience of war. The psychological depth of the narrative is commendable. Soldier Hero Thief features a protagonist that readers will love and, from the moment they meet her, they want to know what will happen to her and how she’ll handle her trauma. Soldier Hero Thief is balanced, intense, and riveting."

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